Nanocredits & Mobile Financial Services

Access credit at any time, from anywhere, for your mobile services

A practical solution to an observed need

At this time, more than 50% of prepaid customers have insufficient credit available to enjoy the services they need, generating a huge amount of failed transactions (calls, SMS, data). For operators this translates to millions of dollars in lost revenue, in addition to a bad user experience, loss of loyalty and eventually, customers.


Observed numbers where the needfinding was generated

Nanocredits provide the correct amount of balance to each user at the right time. How do they work?

Success Factors

– Customizable

– Wide user coverage

– Adaptive credit for each user



For the occasional credit user.


When the user balance is low or insufficient, the credit is provided automatically.


The user’s balance is topped-up preemptively with the credit amount.

Tiaxa Value

The numbers don’t lie. 200 million users choose our offer to complete their transactions. Likewise, 10 million Nanocredits are offered each day giving continuity to their mobile services.

  24/7 Managed Service

  Deep penetration of user base enables mass market communication.

  100% free of credit risk for MNO

  Increases revenues

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What characterizes our solutions

A great experience

We unleash the potential of data to generate a positive impact on mobile operators, banks and fintechs, supporting and facilitating the execution of critical business processes, as well as the incorporation of use cases that enhance the use of their services.

Better credit performance

Since the credit is offered at the exact time a customer needs it – when their request is just about to be rejected, the motivation to accept the offer is very high. The need for Nanocredits includes all segments of the prepaid population.

Increased user retention

Customer satisfaction is increased by assisting users in an appropriate manner, increasing loyalty and reducing the interest of changing operators.


  Greater consumption of services

  Increase in revenue per user

  Lower migration rate to competition

  Subscribers with more active days on the network