One of the main challenges of the mining industry 4.0 is the ability to accelerate digitization processes in a more competitive operating environment. Tiaxa has become a key partner for the digital and technological evolution of large mining companies and industry suppliers, thanks to its solutions aimed at developing improvements in interoperability systems and information systems.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data, today it is possible to digitize and automate processes that were previously unthinkable. Through its digital solutions, Tiaxa’ contribution has been key to driving the new mining revolution and generating value from data. Among the solutions are the Concentrate Monitoring Service ®, Risk Alert Environmental Services ®, Proxima Contact Tracing, ChatBot for the pre-diagnosis of fault events (Digital Expert Analyst ®) and its Service and Operational Decisions Support (Info Value ®), among other products.

For the next few years, it is estimated that up to 70% of mining operations will run on purely automated processes and which will be controlled by remote centers. The evolution of the industry depends to a large extent on digitization.

“We develop solutions tailored to the needs of the different players in the mining industry, which have allowed us to foster a virtuous ecosystem. At a transversal level, we are aware of the impact that our solutions have and how they improve the standard and services among them”, says Hugo Neira, New Business Manager and RPA leader at Tiaxa.

Tiaxa has developed different technological solutions with the aim of supporting informed decision-making and increasing productivity at sites and for different processes. The implementation of RPA in the mining value chain provides benefits for the achievement of process optimization, risk reduction and cost reduction in the value chain.

Mining 4.0 requires digital transformation solutions to establish automation as the basis for the evolution of the industry. It will increase productivity, improve business sustainability, allow the continuity of operations of the mine site and, without a doubt, will make companies more competitive.

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