Tiaxa A2P messaging

Tiaxa’s Application-2-Person, or A2P service, corporate messaging via text messages, is approaching two decades as a product for mobile operators, and catalysed by the increased usage of digital channels during the Covid-19 pandemic, has seen a resurgence in interest caused by omnichannel marketing strategies in millions of companies worldwide.

According to a Juniper Research study, contrary to what many would think, during 2020 global mobile text messaging traffic increased by 10%, and it is estimated that by 2025, SMS sending will increase at an annual rate of 4.2%, projecting revenues for telephone companies that will exceed USD$50 billion. Additionally, its high adoption rate; which is around 98% according to a report from the Antevenio company, makes it one of the primary channels for contact between companies and their customers.

Although the A2P messaging market is broad and growing with other omnichannel options through RCS, MMS and USSD to name but a few, it is important to consider certain characteristics and strengths that have impact in terms of performance and quality of the SMS service. For Tiaxa, the excellent relationship it maintains with mobile operators in Latin America facilitates the regional inter-operator connectivity and provides linkages in a simple, secure and flexible manner.

SMS at the service of companies

Adding to the good relationship’s Tiaxa has built with mobile operators in the past 20 years, its corporate messaging platform and A2P offer key attributes that allow it to send almost a billion SMS per month:

  • The highest level of security, with all messages being sent and received through formal channels, with controlled and direct connections to mobile operators. This greatly reduces the SPAM and FRAUD that regularly occur through the use of long numbers.
  • Traceability and official recording of messages, limiting the misuse of the channel and allowing the certification of message origin, and date and time of delivery. This Provides valuable audit and security channels
  • The fastest message delivery speed in the market, as mobile operators prioritize the handling of all messages.
  • Technical support is available 7×24, 365 days a year.
  • Regular platform updates allow the service to remain at the forefront of technology, security, privacy and business requirements.
  • Strong communication between Tiaxa and all clients with a strong focus on operational and technical adaptability based on business requirements.
  • Optional customization of message content, with edits driven by the client´s needs (including Text, multimedia and external links).
  • Integration with other communication channels, effectively orchestrating the interaction with the end customers.

Experience in the A2P messaging business has positioned Tiaxa as one of the leaders in providing these services in a secure, private, simple and reliable manner, while simultaneously providing mobile operators with the control, flexibility and peace of mind to send SMS efficiently and effectively through the appropriate channels. Clients are assured of the security and privacy of their messages, including sensitive information such as dynamic banking and digital services passwords. (One-Time Passwords or “OTP”).

This is why today hundreds of companies in Latin America use Tiaxa´s platform to manage their omnichannel messaging needs, traditionally using SMS, but now extending to new technologies based on social media messengers, such as Google’s RCS on Android, Mavenir and Huawei, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and many more.

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