The new agreement reached in February of this year in Nicaragua with Tigo, involves the implementation of two solutions by Tiaxa;

1. SuMa Subscription Manager: Subscriber management and control platform that will enable Tigo to manage its digital content and entertainment services offering for its users.

2. XBI Charging Platform: Facilitates the rating and charging of all value-added services that Tigo currently markets in Nicaragua.

Tiaxa’s solutions will enable Tigo to provide both content and entertainment value added services, in addition to having the subscription process for these services under control, and thus ensure a better experience for the end-user.

Regarding the important work that the implementation of these solutions has meant for both teams, Enrique Calero, specialist in long distance, interconnections and international top ups at Tigo in Nicaragua, commented on the expectation and experience that partnering with Tiaxa, has meant:

“During the time that we have worked together with Tiaxa, we have experienced all the professionalism and responsibility that characterizes them as a supplier. Regarding this project, it was above all about the versatility of the negotiation and the solutions they could provide; that was what we really needed. Also, the positive attitude and willingness to achieve our goals was very important. We hope this new solution meets all the needs that lie ahead.”

Felipe Valdés, CEO of Tiaxa, valued the trust and preference of the operator and confirmed his commitment to this important implementation, which undoubtedly carries a great contribution to local technological development.

“We are honored to be chosen by Tigo Nicaragua, one of the most innovative companies in the region, to support them as an agent of digital transformation in their country. Our platforms are conceptualized to facilitate access to the digital world for all people, ensuring the security of the subscription process and the privacy of their customers’ information. We will support the success of Tigo in this important mission.”

It should be noted that Tigo is the most important mobile operator in Nicaragua with more than 4 million active users currently, which represents more than 60% of the total population of the country.


Tiaxa in Panama: Improving accessibility to mobile services


The case with Tigo Panama is also remarkable: in March 2020 Tigo and Tiaxa launched its nano-credit service (Products with a social perspective: Tigo Panama works with Tiaxa to deliver balance advances), at a time when the pandemic was gaining great relevance worldwide and quarantines and sanitary restrictions had the market and the consumers in a very complex situation.

With the nano-credit service, Tiaxa has given Tigo the option of boosting top-up revenues, and most importantly, of offering its end-users an alternative when their balances reach zero. This solution is key in order for subscribers to stay in contact with family, friends and acquaintances, since the confinement has caused that people cannot leave their homes, and that prepaid service points of sale are unavailable.

“Working with Tigo Panama has been a truly enriching experience. The company’s commitment to the country and its inhabitants in this difficult period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic is evident in all of its decisions and way of acting. For us, being able to support them with our nano-credit service to help their clients stay connected to the Internet, continue attending virtual classes in their schools, continue shopping remotely through eCommerce, is something that we value deeply, as a company and as individuals”, says Felipe Valdés, CEO of Tiaxa.