Tiaxa committed to the environment

Since 2011, Tiaxa has actively participated with the reforestemos.cl foundation in order to reduce the impact of its carbon footprint on its operations with the environment. Thus, the aim has been to provide every year in planting native trees in the Chilean Patagonia, due to the great contribution in diversity that it provides to nature.

It should be noted that only one tree contributes to the cleaning of 0.5 tons of carbon dioxide in the environment and reduces the emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

This 2021 marks 10 years since Tiaxa is part of this initiative and during all this time almost 1,500 trees have been planted, which translates into the mitigation of more than 700 tons of CO2 from the ecosystem, thus confirming the immense commitment to continue collaborating on this important project for a long time to come.

As usual, we share this year’s reforestation certificate, which includes the planting of 100 new trees.

Tiaxa reforestation certificate