Tiaxa Anniversary

This 2022 Tiaxa celebrates 22 years of existence. These years constitute an extensive list of milestones and victories, as well as hard moments that have left valuable insights. This year we want to highlight the enormous human and professional commitment of our teams, since without their contributions, this great story could not have been told.

With clients in more than 10 countries around the world, Tiaxa has become a melting pot of people, cultures and languages ​united by a common factor: good work. This is not casual; this story which began to be forged in August 2000 has been driven by an operation which is centered on its collaborators, with flexible schedules and with a great awareness and respect for personal and family time.

Felipe Valdés, CEO of Tiaxa, highlights the value of multiculturalism and how it has been forged over time, allowing the company to gradually evolve with a common business vision and a keen awareness of the needs of our clients.

It always surprises me that when entering a Tiaxa office, whether it is in Manila, Lima, Mexico City, Bogota or Santiago, there is a family atmosphere. You can feel the camaraderie, the mutual support, the effort put into our work, commitment and excellence, while at the same time there is a certain tranquility, a “relaxation” because we accept each other as we are, without politics, and we trust that each one always does the best they can.

This is not obvious nor should it be taken for granted, it is the fruit of many years of a part gringo, part Latino, part Philippino culture, half startup-half large company, that together we have built through ups and downs, of having been together in the trenches in difficult times. This allows us to innovate, develop and operate complex technological systems for blue-chip clients throughout Latin America and Southeast Asia. But we cannot rest on our laurels. The new generations are very empowered and much more global, so we have to fight to stay current and agile in a much more complex, dynamic and uncertain world reality, and continue innovating, so that we don’t get stuck in the past.”


Mexico team celebration


Peru team celebration


A team in evolution


Tiaxa’s organizational culture, like its own history, has been evolving as these 22 years have passed, but one thing that has never been off the radar is the focus on people. For Paulina Román, Talent & Culture Manager, this habit is part of “Tiaxa’s DNA” and they are constantly looking for new methods to reinforce and provide employees with the necessary tools to meet their objectives.

Tiaxa´s main strength is its people, this translates into a unique and dynamic culture of proximity between all team members, characterized by human quality, flexibility and horizontality.

This style of work is what we have wanted to preserve and promote through the challenges posed by the pandemic, which is why we have tried to generate different initiatives that allow us to maintain the human connection, such as the All Hands Meetings where we can meet the new members and see each other, a warm onboarding, and other instances to share and get to know each other as individuals.”


Aniversario Tiaxa 2022

Philippines team celebration


Aniversario Tiaxa 2022

Chile team celebration