Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently presented the new WhatsApp Cloud API, which will allow companies of any type; large, medium or small, to connect with their cloud services for free and without the need for intermediaries. In addition, its new features will be focused on delivering a more efficient customer experience and the reduction of response times.

Considering that WhatsApp Cloud API´s new functionalities will be focused on improving the user experience and democratizing the connection of the platform for all types of companies, Jose Luis Pineda, Sales Manager of Tiaxa in Chile, explains that this update is on the right track, taking into account the current consumption habits of a more digitized society and consolidating this social network as another sales channel.

“WhatsApp is the chat-channel of the future because it is the one that allows the most automated user experience, and if you take that step, you will have more efficiency and consequently lower operational costs, and that is what this openness focuses on.


At Tiaxa we have a multiplatform and omnichannel solution based on artificial intelligence, and that is the key, because in the case of WhatsApp, without these valuable technological layers: search engines, design elements and analysis sentiment (recently added) the platform would not meet the objectives it seeks; improving the customer journey and boosting sales. Quite the contrary, it would only increase workload to the Business.”


Nota WhatsApp Tiaxa

During the Meta Conversations conference, where Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Cloud API, he revealed that WhatsApp Business is currently used by more than a billion users weekly, making it globally the most widely used messaging platform.


Héctor Saldaña, Head of Tiaxa Sales in Latam, adds that the opportunities that the WhatsApp Cloud API announcement opens up for the thousands of companies in Latin America could be relevant in terms of improving their sales and communication with their customers, taking into account the profiles of each country and the level of digitization for each one.

“It is excellent news that companies, regardless of size, can access a global platform with high impact on communication such as WhatsApp, because in the near future, there Will be a greater need to manage contactability with their customers with the existing channels that they already use such as SMS, email and others.


As Tiaxa, have been working on omnichannel communication for years and we know that the different markets and clients are moving at an impressive speed, where each contact with the customer must be very well managed in terms of time, channel and message.”

This new openness does nothing more than reaffirm and reinforce that, as a company that develops high-level technological solutions, we are on a very good path building tools that help manage the preferred channels of customers, increase effectiveness in communication, have relevant information of each action, and most importantly, managing the financial costs associated with contactability, always seeking the best for our clients.


We already have customers using our omnichannel solution today and a strong pipeline is in place with new clients to assist them with WhatsApp and many other channels.”

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