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Synthetic identity fraud has shown a worrying increase in recent years, being one of the main methods of digital usurpation in countries such as the US and Mexico. The big problem with this type of fraud is the complexity of detection, since cybercriminals apply “long-term techniques”, which can take sometimes years to be discovered.

Mobile alternative data has fortunately shown itself as a valuable means of prevention of synthetic identity fraud, using advanced analytics that reviews and predicts key user information such as consumption habits and financial history.

According to the financial company FiVerity, during 2020 synthetic identity fraud casued losses of approximately 20 billion dollars in the US, a shocking number considering that in 2015 that figure was 67% lower, revealing a sustained increase in this type of cyber-scam .

For its part, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users (Condusef Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros) warned in 2021 in its digital magazine “Proteja su Dinero”, (Protect your Money) that in Mexico losses due to identity theft, in any of its modalities, totaled 5 billion pesos (about 250 million US dollars) each year.


Identidad Sintética Tiaxa Bemobi

What is Synthetic Identity?

It is a set of real and fictitious data of one or more persons. To commit this type of illicit activity fraudsters often mix private information such as particular personal identification, to access third-party data such as addresses and credit history to impersonate an identity.


How does Synthetic Identity fraud work?


The term coined for this type of fraud refers to identities that are created by the fraudsters themselves, who, as explained above, combine real and fictitious attributes of one or more persons to acquire financial services.

The reason why they use true information from users is to bypass security filters and strengthen the false profile, making people believe that they are a normal customer, sometimes even managing to open bank accounts, request microcredits and pay them to generate more confidence in the profile. Then at a certain point, the fraudsters use this history to defraud businesses or financial institutions.

The big problem for users is that by misusing their personal data, they are associated with fraud with consequences such as the accumulation of negative scores in their credit history, preventing them from accessing other products and services.


The value of alternative mobile data


For Rocío Aguilar, Commercial Manager of Tiaxa-Bemobi Mexico, the use of new sources of information to develop solutions that help prevent identity theft can be very beneficial for multiple industries, especially for the financial sector. She highlights the good experience using alternative mobile data and predictive analytics for the detection of digital fraud.

We have worked together with financial institutions of various kinds, to find existing value in non-traditional sources, such as the mobile line behavior that end users provide during the onboarding, or service request processes, reaching very encouraging conclusions for the industry. We noticed that extra validations, which do not generate friction with the end customer, can provide key pieces of information for making better decisions.”



At Tiaxa-Bemobi we use Artificial Intelligence techniques to contrast the behavior of millions of users, reviewing hundreds of reference data for each user to determine if an identity is real or synthetic. This is something that a human being simply cannot do, and even less online, says Felipe Valdés, General Manager of Tiaxa.

Meanwhile, Daniel Tellez, Product Manager of Tiaxa-Bemobi, referred to the special care that users must have when sharing personal data, considering the common leaks of information suffered by large companies, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, documents or even bank accounts that can be associated with a physical identity.

“Today it is more important than ever to be careful and aware of who and how we share our personal information, mobile number, official IDs, address and bank details that can be easily used to usurp our identity if two or more are combined.”

In the following video you can learn more details about the Mobile Identity solutions developed by Tiaxa-Bemobi.



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