The impact of alternative data in the fintech world has become more relevant. The development of the workshop of “Alternative sources of data for risk control in the financial sector” organized by Colombia Fintech last week, is a clear example of the importance of data.

Our Data Monetization experts, Matías Cassasus and Josué Fredes, and more than 50 companies participated in the workshop. We share some opinions of those attended.

“I find this type of data interesting in order to identify new risk profiles. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain information from natural persons, therefore, this source allows profiling both demographically and economically for certain clients.”
Mario Rodríguez
Grupo Inversiones GFO 

“We have a fairly broad internal source of information, however, we believe we can supplement it with external data that could help us create new product modalities for our affiliates. These data sources are very useful for those of us who work in the social sector. ”
Juan Sebastián Montaña
Consulting Analyst


“We are challenged to innovate and we can transform this data into information relevant to companies. Especially because of its importance in the issues of scoring and customer payment behavior, where even the Fintech world uses very traditional information. ”
María Angélica Beltrán,
Credit Risk Leader

“The use of alternative sources of data helps us a lot to open doors with issues of bank penetration and fraud. We can say that in Colombia fraud has been changing day by day, so this type of tool allows us to identify the behavior of our clients.”
Sandra Sorza
Latam Product Analyst

The event quickly sold out, however, the organizers of Colombia Fintech are considering a second version of our experts’ workshop in Medellín. Even the interest has reached Mexico Fintech, who hope to carry out a new version of the workshop of our experts in March.