Bemobi acquires Tiaxa to broaden its global digital services offering

Tiaxa has been acquired by Brazil’s Bemobi, one of the world’s leading providers of digital services through mobile operators. The transaction seeks to complement each other’s expertise and reach while strengthening their joint product offering in emerging markets.

Tiaxa is a pioneer in the delivery of nanocredits and mobile microfinance with a focus on financial inclusion, with clients in 16 countries in Latin America and Asia. Additionally, it provides Platforms as a Service (PaaS) to mobile operators in the segments of omnichannel communication, value-added service management, as well as data analytics and scoring based on Artificial Intelligence methods. Today, Tiaxa analyzes over 200 million users a day, and has delivered more than US$2 billion in nanocredits, successfully recovering more than 98% of them.

Bemobi, founded in 2007 and a subsidiary of Otello Corporation of Norway, as a leader in mobile digital services through its portal Apps Club and its Loop platform, with which it is present in more than 70 mobile operators around the world. Additionally, Bemobi recently performed its successful Initial Public Offering in the B3 stock exchange in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

For Tiaxa’s CEO, Felipe Valdés, joining forces is completely aligned with their growth, innovation, diversification, and global reach objectives:

“The plan is to become the global leader in the delivery of innovative digital value services through mobile devices.”

At the same time, Pedro Ripper, Bemobi’s CEO adds:

“This acquisition will strengthen our position in the microfinance segment, with a very talented team and new competencies in data science.”