Digital Financial Inclusion

The study conducted by AFI (Alliance for Financial Inclusion), highlights some key factors that can contribute to the development of responsible digital credit guidelines for regulators and Digital Financial Services (DFS) providers, based primarily on the Tanzanian digital credit experience.

The DFS sector is contributing significantly to the realization of countries’ objectives on financial inclusion through the development of digital savings and credit services. The advent of digital credit, however, asks questions of regulators as well as the financial and non-financial institutions that are driving the advancement of digital finance.

In this opportunity, our CEO Felipe Valdés shared Tiaxa’s experience and knowledge in the field of digital credit regulation and credit scoring in Tanzania.

You can download the full report here.


About AFI

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) empowers policymakers to increase access to quality financial services for the poorest populations. Founded on the idea that a global knowledge exchange platform was key to expanding and improving financial inclusion policy, AFI network has invested deeply in this platform, and data shows the model is delivering tangible results.