The Japanese company Komatsu Cummins in Chile, added the use of robotic processes to reduce time, simplify time and have 100% efficiency in the administration of thousands of medical licenses.

Six months ago medical licenses were really a headache for the of human resources of the Japanese company Komatsu Cummins. More than seven hundred medical licenses that were processed per month. Tax added efficiency, says Luis Peña, Head of IT Projects, because this procedure normally had a 30% error in its digitization.

“We needed a process that would allow us to order and show the impact that the licensing process generates” was the main problem for Patricia Mela, Head of Management and Process at Komatsu’s Human Resources Department. The remedy was close, the solution was the implementation of RPA.

RPA is a software technology that simulates the action of a human being in processes based with repetitive rules. Using this IT app is nimble, less prone to making mistakes, increases quality and consistency. Tiaxa’s solution according to Peña’s testimony have not had any failure. In addition, the implementation of this type of technology was natural in the ecosystem of the company.

“Today we look at our functions and procedures with a different perspective and are super committed to the use of technology. It has been essential how we have optimized our time, ”says Mela.

Luis Peña assures that “we are considering Tiaxa’s RPA solutions to automate procedures in other areas, since the results have been mean positive”. Currently Tiaxa is developing solutions for other departments in Komatsu. The aim of simplifying processes and increasing the company’s efficiency.