This year Tiaxa celebrated 20 years of innovation in a scenario overshadowed by the health crisis. However, this was not an impediment to carry out different commemoration actions, among which was a donation campaign that was widely supported by the employees, where the company pledged to increase each contribution five times.

This is how the team from Peru mobilized its support for the “Association of the Beatitudes”, a shelter for the comprehensive development of children, adolescents and older adults who have a disability or special need. For their part, in Mexico they decided to collaborate with UNICEF, which is dedicated to the protection of children and social inclusion.

In the Philippines they chose the “For Our Farmers” foundation, an initiative that seeks to help “our forgotten heroes, people who farm the land to provide food for the rest of the country should never go hungry ” as its organizers describe. The contribution was received by small farmers who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, in Chile, the aid went directly to Fundación Nuestro Hijos, that supports children and adolescents with cancer from the most vulnerable families. Marcela Zubierta, President of the Foundation pointed out that “childhood cancer does not know about pandemics and today more than ever we need everyone’s support. There are many children whose parents have been unemployed in recent months, and we cannot allow them not to access their therapies or treatments as a result of the pandemic or the economic crisis ”.

The donation campaign of Tiaxa and its workers reflects the value of family and solidarity that are fundamental aspects of our identity. Through these types of actions, Tiaxa seeks to support families and individuals to better face these times of crisis.