We continue with the Women’s Month special with another of our outstanding collaborators, and this time, we spoke with Alejandra Vergara to learn about her experience and beginnings in Tiaxa.

Alejandra is a Computer Science Engineer. She joined Tiaxa in 2009 and is currently Operations Manager.

How has your experience been working in predominantly male environments?

“When I was in college, it was a mixed, but not equivalent environment, I would say it was 20% women and 80% men. However, it didn´t present any problems for me because I always had more affinity with men”.

What has your experience been like as a woman in Tiaxa?

“Tiaxa is a company where I have grown a lot, I have worked here for 11 years now, and it was my third job. During all these years, I haven´t felt any gender differentiation, on the contrary, the teams have always respected each other. Tiaxa has been a supportive company in every sense and during times when one needs to focus on one´s family, Tiaxa has always been there for me. Being Mom or Dad is at the same level”.

Any message for your colleagues at Tiaxa and for other women who would like to enter this world of technology?

”I would tell women who are thinking of going into the world of technology to jump in and get started; here, the important thing is to do what you love. Nowadays it is a field that can be developed and performed from anywhere in the world”.