Hundreds of medical licenses were processed manually and on a daily basis until a few months ago in Sodexo. The largest food service and facilities management company in Chile decided to take a step forward in digital transformation, implementing a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution from Tiaxa, that processes thousands of medical licenses digitally and without errors.

Processing medical licenses is a repetitive process, even more so in a company with more than 19,000 employees. The emergence of COVID-19 is and has been a challenge for everyone, and in Sodexo the health crisis has been a catalizer for digitization.

Today, more than ever, health processes must be resolved quickly, as conditions have changed; some administrative procedures decrease the efficiency of some teams who are working in a home-office format. Sodexo’s Human Resources team is clear about this, and today it has a great ally. Tiaxa’s RPA solution processes medical licenses in a matter of minutes, giving time and autonomy to the people who previously carried out this work.

These types of non-invasive solutions are aimed at automating repetitive tasks and different administrative processes with the use of software robots. Consequently, investing in this type of technology with guaranteed productivity improvements and low cost is one of the most apparent requirements that the digital revolution is demanding from companies.