Tiaxa develops SOS top up service for Movistar Chi

Thanks to the technology offered by Tiaxa, millions of Chilean mobile users will be able to access Movistar Chile’s SOS Top-up service, enabling them to stay connected during the current health emergency.

Movistar Chile chooses Tiaxa as its supplier or its balance advance services to deliver emergency top-up offers, providing technological flexibility and benefits in user experience.

 As of the last quarter of 2020, Movistar prepaid mobile line users can access microloans, through Tiaxa’s technology platform, which enables them to continue using their mobile services and remain connected when their balance runs out. This service is extremely helpful for those facing the global context of the pandemic, by keeping their prepaid lines active and avoiding leaving their homes to Top-up.

In the national mobile sector, Movistar Chile stands out as the second operator with the largest market share with  more than seven million mobile users.

Thus, Movistar consolidates the microloan delivery service for emergency Top-ups, balance and package advances and management of the zero balance offer for mobile users, through the services provided by Tiaxa.

Tiaxa is a leader in nanocredits in the Latin American and Asian markets, having provided more than USD $ 2 billion in microloans in the last 10 years. Currently, Tiaxa delivers more than 23 million credits monthly. This solution will benefit millions of Movistar Chile mobile users, who today, more than ever, will be able to stay connected through the SOS Top-up service.