Fiorella is a Telecommunications Engineer, she joined Tiaxa in 2012 and currently works as Program Manager in our team in Peru.

How has your experience been working in male environments?

“At university I was the only woman in my class. It was a private establishment with teachers from the old-school, who generally did not agree with a woman studying engineering.


My career courses were half electronics and half systems and when I had to build circuits my teachers would say: “Miss, don’t wear yourself out, go get your manicure, don’t break your nails” and I would tell them: “Teacher please, I can build a circuit much better than you”.

How has your experience been as a woman at Tiaxa?

“Before joining to this company, I worked in another and my bosses there recommended me because there was a vacancy to work in data centers and Tiaxa at no time specified that the position was only for men; they said that gender did not matter and they interviewed me. Then, when I arrived at Tiaxa, I actually did not find any aspect of work in which I was not included; on the contrary, I felt involved at all times, even when proposing, creating and when sharing everything that I can deliver both as a professional and as a person”.

Any message for your colleagues at Tiaxa and for other women who would like to enter this world of technology?

“We have a very interesting relationship. I would tell them that it is a joy to share with them, that it’s with great happiness that we can contribute who and what we are within Tiaxa, and that I hope that the opportunities that I´ve had continue, and that that we should always try to leave our mark on everything we do.


Regarding the world of technology, it´s full of great challenge, but the greater challenge is that which we experience day to day as women in this area; it´s wonderful to be able to leave our mark in this realm with our ideas, innovations and contributions, it´s worth it because it is an imprint that remains and perseveres. The contribution that each woman can make in this world of tech is super important and above all, it is innovative, we give it a different touch which is necessary”.