Rocío is an Electronics Engineer; she joined Tiaxa in 2011 and again in 2017 and she currently works as Commercial Manager and Data Monetization Lead in our team in Mexico.

How has your experience been working in predominantly male environments?

“I´m used to coping with male environments because I studied electronics engineering and in my generation – I think it was one of the first – although there was a balance between men and women, double meanings were common, as were comments with sexual connotations and women´s physical aspect. However, one adapts in order to coexist in that environment and in my case it has not been a problem”

How has your experience been as a woman at Tiaxa?

“Working at Tiaxa has been very good for many reasons. It is one of the few companies in which flexibility is really part of its culture in all aspects; we not only sell the concept to our clients when developing a platform or a service; it is reflected in what you need as a person to perform your professional role.


I believe that in Tiaxa there are equal opportunities, but as a woman, and even more so as a mother in my case, there are always additional challenges to consider, when thinking about what making a decision to grow professionally may entail”

Any message for your colleagues at Tiaxa and for other women who would like to enter this world of technology?

“I have found an eclectic family in Tiaxa. In general, I see a lot of solidarity between women and men. Equality means breaking down that division, and my message is that we should support each other and seek the common good, to be better persons and thus better professionals.


I believe that sometimes we put obstacles in our own way and think that maybe we won’t have the character or won’t be able to accomplish something because it´s a man’s world. Maybe we do this unconsciously because we´ve borne this culture for so many years. I feel that – more than analyzing whether it´s a man’s or a woman’s world, it is more important to find your vocation, what you are good at and what you like. If you find that, it doesn’t matter who you are surrounded by, the important thing is to follow your passion”.

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