Nayeli is a Computer Systems Engineer, she joined Tiaxa in 2020 and currently works as NOC Support Engineer in our team in Mexico.

How has your experience been working in male environments?

“At the university we were few girls in the major, my experience was quite normal, and since we were few women, my classmates did not tease us much because our groups were well combined. I never felt rejected, nor did I ever hear any kind of inappropriate comment.”

How has your experience been as a woman at Tiaxa?

“I recently completed a year working in the NOC area and the truth is that I had a great time with my colleagues and days are very enjoyable. Since I arrived they have always been very kind to me. When I have any questions I can ask them and rely on them. It’s a lot of fun working as part of this team.


I have not seen any preference for men in Tiaxa’s onboarding process, on the contrary, I have seen how my women colleagues have been promoted and how more women have joined the team.”

Any message for your colleagues at Tiaxa and for other women who would like to enter this world of technology?

“I would tell them that being a woman is beautiful, it is a wonderful experience and offers us many possibilities. I think we must move ahead and show that women can. Currently in Tiaxa´s team in Mexico, there are already several of us who are showing that in our positions we can be strong and professional.


The support area is a whole new world, it’s a lot of fun and it’s also interesting to know this area of mobile technology; I don’t see any inconvenience or difficulty in doing so. Days fly by because you have fun and learn a lot.”

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